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Midnight Maiden

(Book One of the Midnight Duology)

A Noble. An Assassin. A Girl with a Past...

Christiana isn't your average Marchioness. Living a double life, she is known in the dark shadows as Midnight Maiden, the vigilante assassin. Using skills she's honed for years, she helps the abused to regain control of their lives. But when the Royal Family summons her to the palace for a summer filled with gossip and eligible bachelors, she must conceal her illicit alter-ego while rebuilding relationships lost. But she is forced to decide between her safety and her integrity when Prince Alekzander, the next King, attempts to hire her to take out a powerful man at court: Chancellor Julian Marlow. With her head, and her heart, on the line, Christiana must decide what type of future she is truly meant to lead.

Disclaimer: This book contains a few semi-graphic scenes of assault.

Please be advised.

Praise for Midnight Maiden!

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Renee Dugan, 
Author of the Chaos Circus & the Starchaser Saga

"The Selection's political intrigue and heart-pounding romance meets Throne of Glass's cutthroat justice in this breakout indie debut by Kathryn Marie. Like Christiana, you'll find this read is a summer whirlwind you'll never forget!"