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The Midnight Duology

Read the completed series today!

This historical fantasy and romance duology takes readers on a stunning journey of a high born noble lady moonlighting as a vigilante assassin. She must learn the precarious dance of fulfilling her courtly duties while helping those who need saving from dire situations, all while discovering how to follow her heart and heal past wounds she's desperate to be rid of.

A Noble. An Assassin. A Girl with a Past...

Christiana isn't your average Marchioness. Living a double life, she is known in the dark shadows as Midnight Maiden, the vigilante assassin. Using skills she's honed for years, she helps the abused to regain control of their lives. But when the Royal Family summons her to the palace for a summer filled with gossip and eligible bachelors, she must conceal her illicit alter-ego while rebuilding relationships lost. But she is forced to decide between her safety and her integrity when Prince Alekzander, the next King, attempts to hire her to take out a powerful man at court: Chancellor Julian Marlow.  With her head, and her heart, on the line, Christiana must decide what type of future she is truly meant to lead.

Author Note: Thank you so much for picking up my book! Before you dive in, I wanted to make you aware of a few things. This book contains a few semi-graphic scenes of assault, abuse and PTSD.
Please be aware. 


(Book one of the Midnight Duology)

(Book Two of the Midnight Duology)

A Fighter. A Survivor. Rebuilt Through Strength...

With the memories of Julian's assassination still plaguing her, Christiana returns to the Royal Palace, settling into her new life as a future Royal. However, the palace is plunged into turmoil when young serving ladies are found brutally murdered with the use of Crimson Fire, a deadly poison created by Christiana's mentor, Marek. With the lives of the castle's inhabitants resting on her shoulders, Christiana calls on Marek to assist in tracking down the copycat killer who mysteriously obtained a lethal secret only known to the two of them. On the journey to discovering who it is, Christiana is forced to face secrets from her past, the repercussions of her Battled Brain, and the many obstacles that stand in the way of her and Zander becoming the leaders they are meant to be.

Author Note: Thank you so much for picking up my book! Before you dive in, I wanted to make you aware of a few things. This book has talk and conversations about abuse, sexual assault, and PTSD. Please be advised.  

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